Community Based Schools in Jehlum

  • Ujala Education Foundation

Project Title: ‘Increasing Access and Improving Quality of Education for Children of Deprived Communities in Tehsil Sohawa , Dist. Jehlum of Pakistan’

1. The Project

1.1 Project area

A survey carried out in 2004 of Tehsil Sohawa of District Jehlum showed that Tehsil Sohawa was lagging socio economic indicators and was indeed a poverty pocket. Inaccessibility to education facilities for girls was one of the prime findings. There were only limited primary school facilities within 2Km radius of the household of most villages, which was a deterrent to school enrolment of girls. Only 9 high and higher schools for girls were available. It was also found that literacy rate of only 44% existed among females (age 10 yrs and above). The survey also revealed that poverty pockets remain statistically unidentified, poverty pockets remain ignored, human resource drain continues due to inevitable emigration from poverty pockets to more prosperous neighbourhood thereby reducing the potential of local social infrastructural investment in the poorer area.

1.2 Objectives Of The Project

  • To increase the access of children to quality education, at affordable costs, in selected villages of district Jehlum.
  • To establish a ‘Teachers Development Centre’ providing teacher trainings and support in the promotion of quality and inclusive education.
  • To impart knowledge based interactive and child centred teaching methodology to local in service and potential teachers of the selected district.
  • To provide employment opportunities to female teachers and help improve their skills and knowledge base.
  • To provide Early Childhood Learning to pre-school aged children.
  • To develop a replicable model so that it can be replicated / adapted in other deserving districts as well.

1.3 Target Group

  • Under the project, children of school going age in rural areas, having little or no access to primary schooling, are being focused. The drop out children, especially those who could not afford to pay for their education, are also being encouraged to rejoin schooling through need based scholarships.
  • The in service and potential female teachers are the other group being focused. They are being provided with the support and training in order for them to impart creative and interactive teaching methodology. At the same time support provided improves and strengthens their knowledge base.

2. Progress to date

  • A purpose built school (named Ujala School), having 16 class rooms, a library, a computer lab, an auditorium and other required facilities, has been constructed at village Ghorian in tehsil Sohawa of district Jehlum and is operational since April 2010.
  • A ‘Teachers Development Center’ (TDC) has been set up at Ujala School. TDC is already imparting child centred teaching methodologies, use of teaching aids, clarifying concepts and logical reasoning to the teachers of Ujala School and CBS.
  • Seven Community Based Schools in seven different villages of tehsil Sohawa have so far been established and fully operational.
  • Seven School Management Committees (SMCs), each comprising of seven members, have been set up and have been trained in basic school management skills.
  • Three Early Childhood Centres, for pre-school children, have been facilitated in three villages of the tehsil.
  • In total 19 female teachers have been engaged in the teaching profession and their skills and knowledge base improved.
S. no CBS Name # Students* Village Name Union Council
1 Al Qurban 45 Jhamra ??
2 Al Sadat 57 Srai Syedan ??
3 Sir Syed 21 Dhalhar Durgamal ??
4 Tameer-e-Millat 47 Arnial Phoolan ??
5 Quaid 52 Dudi Pari ??
6 Shahswar 19 Babaroda ??
7 Kiran 19 Pind Rakhdani ??

3. Starting Date and Duration

December 01, 2011 – November 2014 (3 years)