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The promoters of Ujala Education Foundation (UEF) have been involved in integrated development interventions in the rural areas of Pakistan for almost three decades. Their experience showed them a dire need for increasing access to quality education in the rural areas that are generally deprived of social services and show gender disparity against women. It also showed that lack of regular teachers’ training and updates in teaching methodologies hindered provision of quality education.

In February 2011, Ujala Education Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization under Companies Ordinance 1984, to address these particular issues.


The principal aim of Ujala Education Foundation is to provide the best quality of education to the less privileged segment of rural society, at an affordable cost. It strives to involve children in developing understanding, co-operation and cultural awareness, while instilling a sense of justice and fair play in their minds. The focus is equally placed on character building as well as academic knowledge, in order to equip them with the qualities of responsibility, discipline and unity, helping them evolve into responsible and productive citizens.

Our Approach

Ujala Education Foundation is a pro-poor and pro-deprived people organization. It promotes equal opportunity to all members of the society including persons with disabilities, while trying to remove or minimize gender disparity in its area of work. Its school premises are designed to accommodate wheel chair users. It promotes co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which inspire creativity. We regularly facilitate our teachers towards improvement by providing them with proper job training and sponsoring them for advanced courses and workshops, to enable them achieve their full potential. The Foundation rewards honesty, dedication and hard work.


The Foundation has a Board which is a policy making body while its Executive Committee ensures implementation and management of all of the projects under the Foundation’s care. The Board is supported by an Advisory Committee comprising of several educationists who provide regular advice and guidance in matters of class curriculum, teachers’ training and teaching methodologies.


UEF is accountable to all its stakeholders and presents its reports and observations to all of them in appropriate manner including annual financial accounts and reviews. Its primary responsibility is towards its members and the communities that it serves who are kept regularly informed through formal and informal communications. Externally, the organization is accountable to Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan who have granted UEF license to function under certain rules and regulations as a non-profit organization. In accordance with applicable laws, the books of accounts and annual financial reports are externally audited by a firm of chartered accountants.


Since the Foundation’s working is pro-poor, the school fees are supplemented by alternate means to meet the operational costs. Besides its donor partners, the Foundation raises funds from individuals, groups of philanthropists and corporate sector. The ‘Friends of Ujala Foundation’, at home and abroad, have mobilized support for the promotion of the Foundation as and when required through various fund raising activity quite successfully.


Fayyaz Market, Street #09, G-8/2, Islamabad-Pakistan
Phone: (92-51) 2250012, 111-111-920; Facsimile: (92-51) 2280081.

Bank Account

Account No.: 18537900438903;
Account Name: Ujala Education Foundation;
Habib Bank Ltd., I & T Center Branch, G-9/4, Islamabad.