Teachers Development Centre (TDC)

  • Ujala Education Foundation

A Teachers Development Centre (TDC) has been established within the premises of Ujala School, Sohawa. The Teachers’ Development Centre designs and conducts training sessions catering to the needs of the rural teachers. It aims to ensure availability of trained teachers, especially female teachers, by providing them with proper in service trainings and sponsoring them for advanced courses and workshops. TDC ensures provision of resource materials and facilities for regular knowledge and skill update thus facilitating teachers towards improvement and helping them achieve their full potential.

The TDC is primarily responsible for improving the quality of education that is provided to children at various educational facilities of UEF. In this respect it imparts child centered and activity based teaching methodologies to teachers. Some of the activities undertaken by the TDC are:

  • Development of Training Manuals on joyful teaching methodologies:
  • Develop and promote use of interactive learning aids for joyful teaching methodologies.
  • Conduct teachers’ trainings on joyful interactive teaching methodologies
  • Development of subject wise class wise Minimum Learning Standards
  • Provide teachers’ support to develop school timetable and teaching plans and systems

The component of teachers’ support and trainings will impart creative and interactive teaching methodology to local teachers which will strengthen the knowledge base at three levels i.e.

  • Local female teachers from different villages will have increased skills, knowledge and understanding on quality teaching methods.
  • The good quality education, through trained teachers, will contribute to the development of high quality human capital capable of innovation, forward thinking and profess ional management.
  • The project will increase the literacy level among children of deprived communities in rural areas of the selected district of Pakistan.

The project aims to address the above key factors simultaneously.